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Orlando Networking Groups  Do you need business leads, referrals or a network of quality business professionals? Would you like to be part of one of the Orlando networking groups that really pays off?

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The Central Florida Business Forum (CFBF) is rated as one of the top Orlando networking groups for exchanging genuine business opportunities. We are a Business-to-Business exchange, referral, networking and leads group for Orlando and Central Florida. 

We welcome business and sales professionals who offer a product or service that would complement and benefit from our network. If you are a business owner or top performing sales professional that sells primarily or totally to business enterprises, we invite you to call to schedule a visit. (Please check our members page to verify that your category is available.)

All of our members focus on selling to business entities versus individual consumers. If you fit that profile, and your category is available, this is the group to be part of when compared to any of the other fine Orlando networking groups that are less specialized.

Our purpose is to promote and refer business within our ranks by offering our clients and prospective clients the benefit of recommended, high quality providers of various products and services. On a weekly basis we meet to exchange referrals, leads, network, learn from each other and build new business relationships. At the same time we discuss business happenings in Orlando and Central Florida.  Simply put, we are a bottom line group of professional business people who generate new business for each other while becoming a valuable resource to our respective customers. 

Only one business professional per category is allowed to participate.  We encourage business owners and sales professionals who are among the top in their field to join our forum.  We are unlike most other leads groups, referral groups or Orlando networking groups serving Central Florida because we don't just meet, we conduct business!

TESTIMONIAL,  November 2016, email received from a first-time CFBF visitor:

"I am so impressed with this group!  You guys are amazing!  It is an honor to be welcomed into such a group as this!  From the moment I walked in I was dazzled from beginning to end.  Starting with the greeter all the way to the close of the meeting.  The professionalism, the flow was perfect, the time in which everything is scheduled is awesome, the detail and ground that is covered, the accountability and tracking, the exclusivity, the website, brochures, leads distribution, and most importantly the positive environment and team spirit!  I have been in a few other settings business wise and many times I have not witnessed the professional yet welcoming and genuine qualities that were displayed.  If I pass all of the requirements it would be an honor to be a part of this amazing group."


The members of the Central Florida Business Forum are pledged to deliver professionalism in the member relationship as well as client referrals.  Toward that commitment, each has agreed to of conduct themselves using the following guidelines:

QUALITY: To deliver the finest product or service available at the level of quality required by the customer.

FAIRNESS: To treat clients and members with respect and honesty, considering that each of us, as individuals deserves the greatest opportunity for achievement and self esteem.

INTEGRITY: To hold the reputation of the referring member in high regard, knowing that any failure in service or quality will reflect directly upon the good standing of that member of the business community.

HONESTY: To deal straight forward and candidly. Not promoting deception in any shape or manner.

As an Orlando leads group and business referral network, we expect the highest standards from our members.

      CFBF South         Meets Wednesdays 7:30am - 9:00am at
 Sandler Training
650 S. Northlake Blvd, Suite 430
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701  
To schedule a visit contact Steve Kemper at
First 2 Visits are Free! Business attire please!

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